Specialists in Screw machine products. 

Through continuous improvement and more than 70 years as a preferred partner for the automotive industry, we have earned our leadership position.



Tompkins Products Inc. was established in 1939 by Charles S. Tompkins as a supplier of screw machine products to the US government during World War II. Located in Detroit, Michigan we soon became a supplier to the growing US automobile industry. Almost 80 years later Tompkins Products is still owned and managed by the Tompkins family.

Since its founding in 1939, Tompkins Products has become one of the world’s leading producers of transmission valves for all OEM powertrains.

Tompkins partners with OEM engineers to research, design, test and produce pioneering solutions for transmission valve manufacturing. Let our experience help you get your ideas to market faster.

Tompkins products is proud to offer one stop full service precision – engineered, customer specific solutions. Products such as Transmission valves, Bushes, Spacers, Nuts, Washers, shafts, coupling, Plugs , Pins and assemblies are built to meet and /or exceed our customer requirements quickly and efficiently. Our application range from automotive powertrain, hydraulic industrial and consumer products, defense related products. Our plants are certified to IATF16949-2016.

We are worldwide suppliers of transmission valves for OEM powertrains, braking systems, steering systems and hydraulic systems. With our engineering capability and manufacturing expertise, we can solve complex challenges and help you achieve increased performance and optimal lifecycle cost.

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Tompkins products is an IATF 16949-2016 certified supplier of precision machined components for the global automotive industry.


Plant 1:

Office, Quality department, warehouse & automatic production area 20,000 sq. ft

Plant 2:

Automatic and secondary machining: 20,000 sq. ft.

Plant 3:

Warehouse and room for expansion 20,000 sq. ft

Plant 5:

Newest 130,000 sq. ft manufacturing, packaging & shipping facility.

Total approximate 190,000 sq. ft working area.

Delivering one-stop production

When your parts require more than just machining, why waste time dealing with multiple quotes from multiple vendors? With only one call or e-mail, we’ll put together a quote to quickly and cost-effectively produce your parts from start to finish. You’ll save time, eliminate hassle, improve quality, and know you’re getting the best possible price.

Our capabilities include:

  • Heat treating
  • Anodizing
  • Plating
  • Grinding
  • Broaching
  • Finishing
  • Packaging
  • Warehousing
  • Just-in-time delivery

How it works: our capabilities in action

When you contact us, our dedicated and experienced customer service team will provide you details on quoting process. Whether it’s simple machining or full-scale finishing, assembly, and logistics, we’ll help you figure out what services you need to get the job done right.

Business Unit (Product Line & Description)


For decades, Tompkins has been driven by a culture that relentlessly pursues effective engineering solutions. This singular focus has guided Tompkins to launch pioneering technologies used in a growing number of applications.

Working closely together, our teams of trusted experts cultivate long-term partnerships with our customers. From the concept phase to production, this integrated approach provides a flow of information and collaborative innovation at every stage.

This has enabled Tompkins to effectively build three distinct business units able to support customers and engineer products that exceed both functional and quality objectives.


From individual components to system integration, manufactures, tests, and assembles complete Transmission valve solutions. Our specialization in transmission valves has led Tompkins to develop many new transmission valves like the half mold manual valve and ETRS valves. As a result, Tompkins is recognized for its industry benchmark manufacturing technology, and as a category definer for the efficient Transmission valve systems.

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Valves Washers Rings Plugs Valve holders
Blocks Locator Bushing Stem Fasteners
Seal Guide Cap Pin disk Plate
Rods Pistons Stud Valve seats Bearing Pins
Dowell Pin Sleeve Coupling Shafts Pin
Washers Cup Nuts Plungers Cylinder
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Although Tompkins products and services are delivered to our customers around the globe, we pride ourselves on our passion for exceptional engineering and entrepreneurial team culture.

Tompkins employees work cross-functionally across our company’s 2 business units, Transmission Valves, Clutch, and Hydraulic Components. Individuals on our teams share their unique ideas and perspectives for pioneering innovations that will help the world achieve efficient and robust Transmission valve solutions. At the same time, Tompkins focuses on exposing our employees to multiple aspects of the product development cycle and developing them into trusted industry experts.

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Awards and Certification

Standards for quality management systems that promote continuous improvement and emphasize defect prevention and the reduction of variation/waste in the automotive supply chain.

As a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier our Certification:


Standards for environmental management systems that reduce environmental footprint and decrease pollution and waste


Supplier award for achievement of excellence in four critical areas.Capable systems,continuous improvement,ongoing performance and satisfied customers.The Q1 certification is under process.

BIQ- General Motors

Built in Quality Supply Base (BIQS), a more robust 29-element strategy program. BIQS holds GM suppliers to many similar quality standards that GM implements for its own internal quality effort.

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